Our Mission

We are a collaboration of two women, therapists with diverse skill sets and background, focused on emotional wellness, not the traditional one-size-fits-all mental illness treatment  model.  Our mission is to help people of all ages—children, adolescents, and adults—find their path toward wellness, healing, growth and empowerment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on the concepts of mindfulness, balanced living, acknowledging the toughness and weathered  beauty of life, seeking and finding clarity and value in the waypoints on the journey, and coming  full circle to a place of honoring a life you love. This is the heart of our practice, walking a path  with our clients, a path of compassion, healing, self-discovery and connectedness.

Our Approach

We believe in emphasizing each person’s unique personal strengths and innate capacity for  empowerment. Together with each client, we embark upon a creative exploration of wellness,  healing and personal growth. Our practice will provide a host of evidence-based therapies and fresh approaches, including expressive arts, play therapy, trauma-focused therapy, DBT- informed skills training, mindfulness and holistic practices for people of all ages.